ENYAQ dà forma alla mobilità elettrica di ŠKODA

Emozionale, efficiente ed elettrizzante, il nuovo ŠKODA ENYAQ iV è un passo fondamentale nella strategia di elettrificazione della Casa boema. Il...

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The all-new Golf is ready to go

The all-new Golf is ready to go

If there’s one car you could call a bestseller for decades, it’s the Golf. Developed continuously from one generation to the next, it has become firmly established worldwide. In two weeks, on 24 October, the Volkswagen brand presents the eighth generation at a world premiere in Wolfsburg: featuring more digitalisation and connectivity than ever before, packed with innovations and sporting a highly expressive design.


In the new model, the strengths that have made the Golf a worldwide bestseller have been further perfected. In addition to the new range of efficient engines, further enhanced suspension technology provides a boost in terms of agility. The new Golf is also a trendsetter in terms of its digitalised and connectivity-oriented interior world, its assisted driving features and its online-based functions and services.

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